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Does your insurance provider reward you for being a Unionized Contractor, or are they charging you the same premium as a non-union contractor?

Does your insurance provider offer specialized insurance protection for Union Halls and Training Centres, without excluding union operations?

Unionized Contractors

Union Power Insurance Brokers Inc. is the only broker who offers discounts to reward unionized contractors resulting in lower premiums for the same or better coverage. Unionized contractors are safer and offer better training. You deserve lower rates!

Did You Know?
The Canadian insurance industry does not distinguish between union and non-union contractors!

Did You Know?
Unionized contractors deserve lower premiums due to the Union Safety Effect and Union Pride of Workmanship!

Union Power’s Insurance Program:
  • Free-of-charge Policy Review & Analysis
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
  • Lower Premiums / Union Discount
  • Loss Control & Risk Managements Advice, no matter the contractor's size. 
If Union Power does not improve your coverages and lower premiums, we do not deserve your business 
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Union Halls & Training Centers

Many of you have already experienced the inadequacies of the commercial insurance products available in the market – the high costs, the gaps in coverage and the lack of understanding. That’s why Union Power Insurance Brokers, working closely with Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU) and Ecclesiastical Insurance, developed Union Protect, a customized commercial insurance policy designed to close the gaps and meet the specific needs of union halls, offices and training centres. With Union Protect there is a better way to protect your property and your local’s operations.

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Making the switch

“Making the switch for our insurance needs to Union Power Insurance some years back now, has been a rewarding decision. We saved money in a big way and the level of service has always been top notch…”

Testimonial 1

I recently

“I recently switched to Union Power for both home and auto. Thanks to Jennifer, I was able to save a lot of money. The process was extremely fast and effortless….”

Testimonial 2

President’s Message

“Our mission at Union Power Insurance Brokers is to provide professional and trusted insurance advice to  members of Canada's Building Trades Unions. We are committed to bringing our customers the best insurance protection for their assets at the lowest possible price.” 

John Mitchell

CIP, President

Anthony B.

Was paying $4,539 for auto & home through a large Canadian bank insuer. Union Power, same coverage and $5,000,000 excess liability (umbrella) = $3,610.
Savings = $929!

Anthony B.

Member, IBEW Local 105

“Undoubtable the best Insurance broker in Ontario…”

Testimonial 3

Joe R.

Was paying $6,493 for auto & home through a direct insurer. Union Power, same coverage and $5,000,000 excess liability (umbrella) = $5,219.
Savings = $1,274!

Joe R.

Member, IUPAT

Mike D.

Was paying $4,518 for auto & home through one of the largest Canadian insurers. Union Power, same coverage and $5,000,000 excess liability (umbrella) = $3,110.
Savings = $1,408!

Mike D.

Retired Iron Worker