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COVID-19 Update

As Insurance Brokers, Union Power deals with numerous insurance companies. As the majority of our auto insurance customers are insured with us through CUMIS Insurance (via the Canadian Building Trades Unions Group Program) this section will focus on what CUMIS Insurance Company is offering our customers.

However, at the bottom of this page you will also find links to information on what our other insurer partners are doing during this crisis. In any event, if you have any questions regarding this information, simply email us at 


Reduced Driving Refund 

Recognizing that the self-isolation measures have caused our CUMIS auto insurance clients to significantly change their commuting habits we have introduced a new Reduced Driving Refund, offering eligible Auto clients a minimum 10% refund on their premium from April to May. Refunds will be processed starting in July and will be automatically applied to client accounts – there is no need for them to go online or call to register. 

In June, CUMIS will asses the relief measures and extend them where needed. As Auto clients continue to drive less, CUMIS anticipates a positive claims experience during this time and hope to increase our initial refund commitment above 10%. 

Some details:
• Policies must be active as of May 31. 
• The refund applies to all Private Passenger and Light Commercial vehicles (vehicles that are used for pleasure, commuting and business) 
• Annual pay clients will receive a refund cheque. Monthly pay clients will see the refund applied directly to their monthly withdrawal. We anticipate this process to begin in July and may extend to August. 

Immediate payment support for clients and coverage change options 

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve introduced new policies to provide clients with the coverage, support, and flexibility they need during this challenging time. 

Flexible payment options: We’re offering flexible payment options to help ease immediate financial pressures, including waiving NSF fees, skipping payments and extending grace periods. 

Reviewing coverage: We are committed to reviewing auto policies with clients and adjusting coverage to suit their new situation, including changing vehicle use from commute to pleasure, reducing or suspending coverage for stored vehicles, reviewing discount and deductibles.

Union Power must stress that when your old driving habits return back to normal, you must advise us to revert any coverage changes you made. For example, if you change your vehicle to “Pleasure Use” only, you must advise us when you start commuting or using the vehicle for business again.

Additional information on CUMIS’ response can be found on their website.

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